Patient Monitor (SpO2, ECG)
  EPOX-VET is convenient for continuous monitoring during a surgery or special test in veterinary application. You can use EPOX-VET with ESU(Electro Surgical Unit) in an operating room. EPOX-VET has been done a clinical test in several countries in Europe and North America successfully. This accurate and stable patient monitor shows an outstanding performance with small cat and dog. KTMED keeps on improvement for the unit as the market needs, you will be satisfied with its perfect capacity and low price.
  ESIS(Electronic Surgical Interference Suppression) protection / Defibrillator protection
Easy to use
2hours of battery operating time
3 lead ECG
24hours of Trend View
IV pole mount type
Optional external IRDA printer
  Standard Accessory
  SpO2 reusable sensor
SpO2 extension cable
3 lead ECG cable
AC adaptor
Power cord
Operating manual
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